SoftFeather ( Deceased )

Player name : Natacha

Character name: Softfeather

Previous name :  Softfeather

Cub name:  Softfeather

Soul name:  Keera


Age:  198


Family:  Buffalohorn (father –deceased) , Blackbird (mother-alive) , Flamingstar ( cousin-alive) and
 Owl ( cousin-alive), Flameshy and Strongsprout ( twin sons-alive)

Lovemate(s): Snow

Lifemate: Snow

Recognized mate: Snow 

Skills/Hobbies: tanning and singing/ she likes to sing and to dance.


Tribal Duty: tanner and singer

Hunting Party: no

Magic:  sending 
As her name, Softfeather is a soft heart. She likes to spend her time helping others and she loves to make some new clothes for her tribe. She loves her family dearly but she is sad because she feels they’ll give her to someone she doesn’t truely love. Anyway, she knows that these are the tribe’s rules and that the tribe needs a futur strong chief. 

Likes/Dislikes: singing, seeing others happy / some of the tribe’s rules

To see Nowater coming back

Strong Points:  Quiet and gentle, beautiful and charming.


Hair/color: Long dark brown hair usualy tied in one or two braids.

Eyes/color: bright light brown eyes.

Height/build: average, beautiful.

Clothes/colr(s): usualy a brown dress

jewelrey/decorations:  none except one or several white feathers in her hair.

Special Items:


Softfeather is the only child of the chief BuffaloHorn and of Blackbird the healer. She has a really high rank in the tribe and she knows it. Softfeather became the tanner of the tribe and one of the best singer and dancer. She knows that a lot of males would like to mate with her, part because of her rank but she stays alone, waiting....waiting for someone she would really love. But she knows her parents and the tribe want her to mate with a strong one to breed a futur chief. And this one could be Nowater, one male elf Softfeather fears despite the fact she thinks he’s handsome and attractive. And Softfeather knows where her duty is, but if only....if only something new could happen in her life....

After being married to Nowater, she recognized Snow and they decided to become lifemates. Nowater became mad and elft with a band of followers. Now, Softfeather lives happy with her mate and their sons amoung the wolfriders, but she still fears that Nowater could come back....

Until Nowater arrived, attacked the holt, killed her and stole one of her sons,  Strongsprout .

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