Player name : Natacha

Character name: Spike

Previous name : Starfall

Cub name: Purpleflash

Soul name: Fael


Age: 394

Snow,  Silence, Reed, Stormwave, Hawk, Shareheart, anyone else

Family: Moonflower ( mother-missing) , Keeneyes ( father-missing) , Stormwave ( cousin-alive)
and Whetstone ( grand-father-alive )


Lovemate(s): Raindance ( deceased), open
Lifemate: none

Recognized mate: none

Soulbrother : Snow

Skills/Hobbies: scouting, making some weapons ( arrows...), swimming, rolls in the furs...

Weapons/Tools: bow and blade.

Tribal Duty: Scout , hunter and chief in second

Hunting Party: yes

Magic: sending and wolf bonding

PERSONALITY : Spike is a calm and a quiet elf, who likes to scout and to wander into the forest.

Likes/Dislikes: being quiet, scout, hunting, the way / long talkings, complicated things

Fears: bears, he hates them.

Strong Points: a really good scout with keen eyes, usually quiet and calm, patient.


Hair/color: Blonde hair

Eyes/color: Purple
Height/build: average

Clothes/colr(s): Open vest and high boots / brown and light orange

jewelrey/decorations: none

Special Items: none

Spike is a nice elf but a secret one too. He follows his chief Snow and would never doubt of him, after all, that's the way. He lost his lovemate Raindance who was killed by a bear and since then, he hates and fears them in the same time. Spike doesn't know what happened to his parents, if they're dead or alive, with the other part of the tribe but he doesn't really care, after all, again, that's the Way..Spike and Snow became soulbrothers recently. And he was really surprised to see his lost cousin Stormwave still alive. If his life wasn't as complicated with his feelings for Reed hehe...Recently, he and Reed joined and that was something unexpected for Spike. But he still fears to tell her he loves her...

Well, he saved Reed from a bear and they talked. they confessed their love for each other and Spike is ready to wait for Reed to be ready to be his lovemate, if she wants it. Now, as Reed isn't ready yet and that she joins with others too, maybe he'll try to be more open to others, but right now, Spike is obviously concerned and worried about the recent recognition of his cousin Stormwave.

When Reed decided to leave in search for her lifemate Lonewolf, Spike was more devastated than he wanted to show. And the leaving of his cousin Stormwave with Nowater's band achieved him. He decided to leave to find some peace, and hoped to bring back his cousin home, or to find maybe even Reed. On his quest, he found none of them but a group of survivors, certainly the last ones, of his old tribe. They decided to follow him to the holt, except Spike's grand-father, named Whetstone, who left on his own, at Spike's pleasure.

On his way home, Spike changed on his feelings, decided to live on the now and to be free. He joined with Shareheart who helped to ease his pains but they're not in love, just friends. Anyway, Spike tought a lot of what Reed told him before leaving, that he'd better look for someone else. He tought that it wasn't maybe a so bad advice after all ...

Bond Beast

None. His last bond, Moonsheen, was the alpha male of the pack and he died of old age. Spike didn't bond with a wolf since then.