The Legend of BloodyHound


By Steve, 2003


The Legend of Bloodyhound
(a campfire story)

Stay away from Bloodyhound
Unless you're tired of living
His enemies are in the ground
He's mean and unforgiving!

His teeth are white, his eyes are red
His growl is deep and low
Too bad he doesn't have a head
He lost it long ago!

His eyes and teeth, as few have seen
They float above his rotting hide
In just the spots they should have been
If Bloodyhound was still alive!

He prowls the night, all torn and tattered
And looks for naughty elfin kids
They see him once, their lives are shattered
He likes the taste of cubs' eyelids!

There was an elf named Daggerpaw
And Bloodyhound he sought to catch
Till Bloodyhound, he came to call
And Daggerpaw's own soul to snatch!

There was no fight, not e'en a sound
For Bloodyhound cannot be beat
And in the morning all they found
Were the parts that Bloodyhound won't eat!

There was another named Trickyhand
Who had a mighty hunter's heart
They found it in dead Tricky's hand
In eight and seven parts!

There was an elf named Lionkin
And he was badly feared
Met Bloodyhound and soon his skin
Had quickly disappeared!

So look out all you naughty ones
And do what you are told
The Bloodyhound, at night he runs
A-looking for more souls!

He creeps upon you in the dark
You'll never know when he'll attack
He takes a bite out of your heart
And rips your soul out front to back!

         Time passed and the pair had picked up wha thtey thought was the trail, but to thier dismay they ended abck up at eh copse of trees.  Frustrated beyond belief, Snow tried once more but they still returned to the copse of trees. Upon there third return to the copse Snow wondered how this could be, rubbing his topknot as he thought. Eventaulyl he squatted closer to teh ground, picking up a few small pebbles in his hand he rolled them around and thoguht about thier newfound dilema. 

         Meanwhile Longshanks layed down and drifted off into a wolf nap. Snow continued to study the layout of the copse of trees and wondered what clue might be swown as to what way was the right way.  The hooves of the nohump they had follwed all came back to this copse of trees. Standing back up he moved around in a cricle looking at all the exits, then it hit him. Examining the pile of rocks once more he figured out what they were for.  

         It appeared the plainsrunner had made a round about trip back to the copse of trees to thwart any pursuers. Could it be possible hte pile of rocks was to signify what direction wasn't the false trail. Snow kneeled once more thinking if his suspicions might be correct. As he did so he opened his hand and let the pebbles fall to the ground. As they clanked on the ground he looked at a large hand sized rock they clinked off of. *His people would know if those rocks were a sign, they have to be* thoguht Snow. Reaching down he grabbed the rock between his feet. Standing up he threw the rock at the pile of stones, knocking them over in the process.  

         Calling for Longshanks, the shewolf rose and stretched. Looking around, they picked up a single faint trail leaving from the side of the corpse the pile of rocks were stacked near. Upon closer inspection, Longshanks sniffed around "wuff". Snow's eyes widened. "What is it?", inquired Snow, as he walked up to the shewolf and kneeled down. Upon closer inspection he found small traces of fur, "hopper fur" exclaimed the surprised elf. As he looked out it appeared the hopper fur was rubbed off at various points where a nohumps hoof prints seemed light.  

         Rolling the bit of fur in his fingers he smiled brighter, thoguh still upset with himself that it took so long to figure it out. Immediately the pair headed off at a fast paced run in hopes of finding thier quarry.