Player name : Eva Joanna Orta

Character name: Stormwave

Previous name :  Stormwave

Cub name: Stormbringer

Soul name:  Wahl


Age:  27

Spike and Snow  are her best friends, however; she starts to build up new bands.

Family: Pale Moon (mother-deceased ), Quickblade (father-deceased ) , Hush ( son-alive)

and Spike (cousin-alive).

Lovemate(s): Yellowelk


Recognized mate: YellowElk

Skills/Hobbies: hunting, swimming/ dreaming under the stars, swimming.

Weapons/Tools:  long spear and two small knifes.

Tribal Duty: warrior, huntress (second huntleader), scout and explorer

Hunting Party: oh yeah !

Magic: Sending, shielding (like Zanthee) and wolfbonding
Stormwave's shyness is starting to dissapear as she finally gets used to the 'tribal-living'. Her confidence has grown as her caring cousin Spike and others gave her comfort and such. Stormwave's trying to be a nice and understanding elfess, although her temperament is rather hot...

Likes/Dislikes: hunting, take baths and swims in nearby pools/ too much elves, disunderstanding of situations.

Fears:  still failing (in all respects), however this fear is fading a little.

Strong Points: she's an excellent huntress and a quick swimmer and she would never be afraid of being alone.


Hair/color: wavy and thick hair till her hips/ warm, firered of color, with a small amount of white pickings.

narrow oblong eyes. /Very deepblue.
Height/build: she is slim and athletic built. 

a small, deepbrown sleeve-less upper till the half of her back, one loose sleeve from the middle of upper-arm till the half of her hand (black) and super short pants, also black of color. Further this elfess wear boots till far over her knees (underhalf is deepbrown- the other half is warm-brown of color) with two small (black) leather bands around the left one, where her sword is pulled in.

jewelrey/decorations: in her hair she wears a decoration of some feathers and fur at the right.

Special Items: a small bright green stone, she found by the river, she believes that stone gives her the strength and (little) hope she has.

She had a hard youth. Her father's death was caused by a disease and her mother died not much later, the fears and sorrows she had since Quickblade's death, were too much for her.
Stormwave grew up with the entire tribe as her family. But when she failed once by finding the track from her lost wolfcub, who was found killed by a wild animal later, she became unusual silent for a time, as she blamed herself for it. She believed that the tribe didn't need anyone failing like her. Though something in her said she had to follow the tribe and so she did.

She got back with the tribe, after a long struggle between her hart en mind. The maiden thought she'd never used to her new live and she seemed right as she was starting to fall back again...
But as her cousin Spike and chief Snow helped her with her past, and she even had found a new lovemate in the kind-hearted Ashlore, who was one of the elves who got her into tribal-living again. The start was real tough, but now the elfess starts to get used to the tribal-live and enjoys it.

Now, she had to Recognize the Plainsrunner YellowElk. Determined not to admit her feelings for this fierce hunter, she holds on at Ashlore, who is still her beloved lovemate.

She finaly chose to stay with yellowElk and follwoed him when he decided to go with Nowater's band.

Bond Beast


Age: about 6 and a half years

Gender: male

Appearance: a black wolf, with a snowwhite tail and a white spot in the middle of his face. His paws are well developped: they're stronger and bigger then most wolves' paws.

Personality: it's a rude and pride wolf, hardly ever nice to other wolves and strangers. Though it's a hard wolf, this wolf is very warm and open to his elfmate Stormwave.

History: Warwind grew up without a pack to protect and learn him. He was raised up by his rider, Stormwave, and the two found eachother as being equals. As he and his elfmate came back to the tribe the wolf felt he had to prove himself again. The wolf started to challange other wolves, not afraid of the consequenses he might suffer. But... By his (and Stormwave's) surprise, he's accepted again in the wolf-pack and runs with wolves again!