Player name : Cristina

Character name: Sunflower

Previous name : Sunflower

Cub name:  Blossom 

Soul name: Guin 


Age: 200

no one in particular (except wolves)

Glitterglare ( father -deceased), Sundew ( Mother-deceased) and BrightEyes ( daughter -alive)
Lovemate(s): Madhowl
Lifemate: Madhowl

Recognized mate: Madhowl 

Skills/Hobbies:  herbal gatherer/ be with wolf cubs , help the female wolf to give birth if needed

Weapons/Tools: sword, bow/ small dagger for cutting herbs .

Tribal Duty: huntress/ gatherer 

Hunting Party: yes

Magic: sending  and
wolf bonding
PERSONALITY : Sunflower is a shy elfin female, but sometimes she can be decided (especially if she's angry or shady). It takes awhile to befriend her, but once you do she is a friend for life. Always helping others. She fancies herself a midwife to the wolves whom had trouble and has learned a few of the herbs that help them to heal , etc. Living with wolves, she starts seeing their world as her own, so her character is being something strange between wolf and wolfrider. She has a jealous personality, but it faded after her initial disagreement with Madhowl. As a mother, she's protective and sweet, but tries to don't make the same mistakes Sundew and Glittergare made.

Likes/Dislikes: cubs wolfin and elfin/ humans

Fears: That the humans will follow them 

Strong Points: Sunflower is very determined to see something thru, especially when a task has been put in front of her. She will do her best to get the job done.


Hair/color: top of hip. loose, 2 braids/ golden blonde

rounded / brown 
Height/build: 4' 4 " / athletic and slim 

Clothes/colr(s): tunic,loin cloth, boots,/brown,brown,russet 

jewelrey/decorations: A golden head band 

Special Items: none

Sunflower was born to the tribe during the season of red gold. Her parents were very odd elves indeed definately the opposite of one another. Her father was sly and elusive and barely paid any attention to his mate. Her mother on the other hand was always there for her, too much in fact. Sunflower turned to the wolves to get away from her parents. She is a skilled herbalist and help the females wolves when they have some pbs to give birth by themselves. Sunflower recently Recognized Madhowl but doesn't seem accepting his being open to others lovemates. She sees it as a sort of betrayment of her and her cub, like if Madhowl is trying to change her world and her way to see. So she has a great grief and anger in her heart, and she feels herself different and alone as never before, so she would separe the cub from his, or her, father, for having another one who thinks like her, the only solution that seems appearing in her mind. They quarrelled, and eventually after this Sunflower understood she was wrong and went encounter her recognized, so they ended up lifemating. She's now the proud mother of Brighteyes.

Bond Beast

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Appearance: A pale grey wolf witha coulded silver pattern on his sides. He's big sized, with large but light muscles.

Silvercloud is an old wolf who does not like noises and troubles. Age made him liking solitude instead, but he's always at Sunflower's side. He is a noble, faithful wolf... who has to face Madhowl's pest-bond, the little Fastrunner. Definitely, for the old gray wolf things are not getting easy...