Player name : Alec

Character name: Suncheek

Previous name :  Suncheek

Cub name:  Skycall

Soul name: Prry


Age:  98

Softfeather, Wintersong, Fleetfoot, Moonstorm, Fernglade, everyone :-)

Family:  Wintersong ( half brother-alive)

Lovemate(s): none yet

Lifemate: none

Recognized mate: none yet 

Skills/Hobbies: laughing and smiling, acrobatics, dancing, juggling,   dyeing and painting, dreamcatchers.

Weapons/Tools: Staff, Shortsword, Throwing Knifes, Lasso

Tribal Duty: 'Soul-Healer', Dancer, Scout, Gatherer, apprentice tanner and dyer.

Hunting Party: seldom

Magic:  Sending and maybe Wolf-Bonding
playful, headstrong, curious, innocent, witty, active

Likes/Dislikes: to see others smile, walk barefoot (or even nacked) through dewy grass, friendship and love, dreamberries, all of her hobbies /killing (even in hunt), staying to long on the ground,  sorrow etc.

Fears: not to recognize and not to bear a child, her brother not recognizing

Strong Points:  her sunny mood, moving around very graceful and yet silent, she's sly, she makes the most beautiful dreamcatchers.


Hair/color: long, brown-black hair (straight), she changes her looks very often!  mostly wears it braided into one or two braids.

Eyes/color: bluegreen, slanted eyes that look very sly.

Height/build:  she's small in height and thin in build, yet athletic-muscular and  'well-rounded'

Clothes/colr(s): very colorful! She loves multi-colored combinations alot and changes her outfits often during seasons' changing/ materials: leather, linen, fur,  feathers/ colors: beige and fur, red, honey, green, bluegreen, blue.

jewelrey/decorations: a belt, two golden earloops, feathers, a racoon-hat (during winter).

Special Items: 3 juggling balls, little bells, 2 silk veils (from her mother), her shortsword (from her brother)


Suncheek was born half Wolfrider and half Plainsrunners to a small band of both tribes.When she was young, Suncheek bore the name 'Skycall'. She was named for her never-ending urge to 'reach the sky', as her mother said. In fact, Skycall was a very active child that couldn't sit still for one moment. Moreover, she found it naturally to jump and hop instead of 'just walk there'. Her acrobatic skills were quite impressing for a youth.
She was loved probably the most by her brother, Wintersong. Skycall couldn't really understand her brother's dislike for her mother and father's recognition. But that didn't get to much to her for even at this young age she was so playful and happy. As her brother lost his lovemate to recognition Skycall put herself to the goal to 'bring him back to life'. They both grew very, very close. During this time Skycall discovered that she really couldn't bear it much to see others unhappy or bitter. From there on she became a kind of 'Soul-Healer' to the band of elves. Anybody who wasn't happy had to 'face her sunny mood'.
Therefore, she came to her new name 'Suncheek' as her cheeks seemed to beam as bright as the mighty daystar above, like the chief put it. She was also taught by her parents in tanning and dyeing. The latter became her alltime favorite. And since she could walk she also painted or dyed her clothes. Some elders tried to talk some sense into her -'cause bright colorful clothing really isn't the brightest thing to wear in this harsh world. But nobody could ever talk much sense into the active Suncheek, nor convince her about anything that she didn't believe in or at least didn't want to believe in ;)
She loves to make dreamcatchers for her tribe, little willow-wheels interwoven with leather-cords and different trinkets. And the most happy moment in her life was when her brother returned after he was missing for several days. He gave his dead father's sword to
Suncheek for he didn't want to be a cold warrior anymore. Suncheek keeps the blade as her own sword now -to always remind him that there is more to life than hunting, killing and bitterness.
Her deepest wish -although she doesn't know- is to fly! She does everything to not touch the ground whenever she can. And her whirling feet are most loved when she dances at Spring Celebrations.
After her brother found his new wolfbond three years ago, she waits anxiously to have one for herself. She believes, though half Plainsrunners, she can have a wolfbond of herself one day..
Her next goal is to find her brother a new lovemate or.. even a lifemate! She can't wait to grow older and to recognize herself!!
As long as she can't bear a child of her own, she tries to look after the tribe's children and to play with them. Now they joined Buffalohorn's little tribe of plainrunners, Suncheek befriended Softfeather and they both spend a lot of time talking and tanning.

Bond Beast