The unexpected

                                        By Natacha  (c) 2002



 Madhowl opened his eyes and yawned. He felt much better today, thanks to Sunrise and Flamedancer.
 He smield as he saw Sunflower laying against him. The poor elfess didn't sleep a lot as she spent a huge
part of the time taking care of him. He kissed her on the forehead and decided to let her sleep. Slowly, he
went outisde the den and began to walk.

 That was so good to walk without falling of fever ! He went to take some food and with a piece of meat,
 he went to sat on a dead trunk.  Slowly, he bega, to chew the meat when he heard some noise at the
corner. Suddenly, a shadow jumped and stole him the meat, running as if the whole troll's tribe was behind it.
 Madhowl growled, what did this mean ? " My food ! " he yelled, running after the shadow....who was in
fact a big dark grey wolf cub. Madhowl frowned as he had some difficulties to catch teh cub, who ran
really fast. Finaly, after a few minutes of run and catch, he managed to catch the wolf-cub and he laughed
when he saw the angry stare of the wolf.
 " Allright, you can keep the meat, I'll find some other then..." he said to the cub. When he was about to
put him on the floor, the wolf suddenly stared into Madhowl's eyes and began to whine, before he went
to lick his face. Madhowl was so surprised that he felt on his ass , the cub on his chest, still licking him.
 " Could-could you be ? " whispered Madhowl, crying, who couldn't believe it. That was so unexpected !
He who was only half wolfrider he.... " Fastrunner, you're Fastrunner , my first wolf friend !
YAHOOOOOAAAAA ! " exclaimed Madhowl, as both of them howled together ............