Thinking to Fog

                                        By Cristina (c) 2001



Stonecrystal whined to Searock, but the elf was looking the sky and didn't look her. Immediately the she-wolf understood what his bond was thinking about. She still remembered the silver-haired elfess that joined them for a lot of their wandering, and she understood that Searock was enamored of her.
Stonecrystal had been guessing. Searock was just thinking to his dead love, Fog. And in his mind he still could see the moment of her death... it had been al so fast. The first moment, she was escaping with him and with the Survived.
**"Don't worry, Searock, it had been all well!"** she sent to him gently. Then, she heard something behind them and she stopped. A humans was fell and he was hurt.
**"Let's go, Fog?"** he asked to her.
**"Wait only a minute.**" she answered, and she went to the human.
**"No!"** Searock sent to her. **"Fog, come back! Careful!"**
**"Don't be stupid, Searock... he's hurt!"** she sent. Then she went to the human. He called her "demon" but she didn't listen him.
**"Fog!"** Searock sent again. Fog healed the man's arm then she helped him to stand up and smiled, hoping he was well. She didn't see the human who took his sword... **"FOG! Go away!"** Searock sent. But it was too much late. When she turned up for look Searock, the human hit her head with his sword. And Fog fell without life while the human ran to Searock and The Survived for kill also them. But Stonecrystal had been faster than him and when she had seen Fog without life, she immediately ran away with the two elves. They ran until when they left the humans camp, then Stonecrystal finally stopped.
**"Fog! Beloved! Why you?"** Searock cried, trying to go back to save her.
**"No."** suddenly The Survived sent to him. **"It's too much late. You can't do nothing. Just like I couldn't do nothing when they killed my cub and my lifemate."**
**She only would HELP them!"** Searock sent with anger. **"Why did he killed her? She stopped only for save his life! He would die without her help."**
**"They don't understand."** remissed Survived sent. **"They didn't understand nothing... they have fear of us."**
**"Fear?"** Searock sent. **"Fear of what? What? She was only here to save him! She hadn't weapons! For thanks her he murdered Fog?"**
**"Either my tribemates weren't doing nothing of mistake."** The Survived sent to crying Searock. **"We were a peaceful tribe and we never knew humans. When they arrived, we thought they were friends. We helped them. And tonight, they attacked our tribe. I still can remember how many elves died. Our chief and chieftess... my parents... the warriors who tried to defend us... mothers and sons... they didn't leave almost nobody. Only a small group didn't believe them and they left the tribe just before the attack. Perhaps they're still alive around here. Perhaps they found a new tribe where to live. I don't know nothing of them. I remained alive... only with my lifemate and my cub. They took my son first. He was only a cub... and they sacrified him. Skypearl was devastated. Poor lifemate. She remained alive, hoping to see the moment of the freedom... and we had been prisoner for four years. Then she tried to escape... she tried to save also me... and they killed her, just like your lovemate."**
**"They haven't heart!"** Searock sent with anger, between the tears. **"But a day I'll have revenge for Fog. They'll pay for her dead if I'll meet them again!"**
Now, Searock remembered his anger, his pain, his sadness when he saw Fog dead. Why to kill an elfess who didn't want to attack the humans? She didn't understand what the danger was, she had been stupid, but she remained back only 'cause she would help the human. It was so that they thank who saved them?
**"Why, Stonecrystal?"** Searock sent to his wolf-friend. **"Why?"**
**"Nobody can know the 'cause of their madness, friend."** Stonecrystal sent.
**"Yes, it's truth."** Searock sent. Then he raised his head and howled to Fog, followed by Stonecrystal.
"I always think to you, Fog. And I'll always keep your memory in my heart. Never I'll be able to forget you." Searock thought, howling with his wolf-friend.