Travellers and thoughts of revenge


By Natacha, 2002



 * I won’t allow it. Never. * That were almost Nowater’s only toughts since he and his band left the wolfriders’s holt. He never felt so angry, so vexed and frustrated in his whole life. How did they dare to do that to Him ? How could she ? Softfeather…he was torned between the hatred and the love  he felt for her. She betrayed him by recognizing this beast blooded one, the one called Snow. Even if he was the chief of his tribe, he was still a beast leading a group of beasts !  And the sweet Softfeather, who was his own lifemate, who chose to stay with Snow. Nowater splitted at the thought. 

He felt a hand on his shoulder and grinned when he recognized YellowElk.  YellowElk who stayed loyal to him despite his own recognition to a wolfrider.  “ I’ll be fine.” whispered Nowater to his friend, to the one who was like a brother to him. Looking at YellowElk nodding and going back to his lifemate Stormwave, who bore their child, Nowater frowned. YellowElk was more lucky than him as Stormwave chose to follow him instead of staying with her other lovemate, the one called Ashlore. * A clever female, indeed. * tought Nowater. 

But not so bright, because he could still find a way to use her later and maybe even her child at his advantage. But using the child couldn’t be a so good idea as he would be YellowElk’s one too, and he wouldn’t hurt his friend’s child…if he could avoid it. But for the female wolfrider, that was different. Even if Yellowelk was indeed fond of her, she was just a wolfrider and if something would happen to her, Yellowelk could easely find another lifemate. 

And now, for the other members of his group : Kreylar who kept staring lovingly at Moonshine. Nowater was cautious about the elder who was certainly more clever that he let show, but his love for his aunt could be useful one day, as well as his great rock shaping skills. And he was a pure blooded elf, that made him different than the wolfriders. He was someone that could maybe understand him. He was satisfied that the two new lifemates, Moonshine and Kreylar followed him, even if he was disappointed that his cousin Whitelily chose to stay with “ Bufalohorn the weak”, as he now called his ancient chief . 

But Flamingstar, who became recently his new lovemate, went with him as well as her brother Owl. The young boy didn’t want to let his sister go without him and Flamingstar was too glad to be with Nowater. The nights they were spending together showed more than clearly her enthousiasm to be in his furs. Nowater grinned at the idea of their next night together and he already decided to make of her his new official lifemate. She was certainly someone more clever than Softfeather as she was overjoyed by the idea. Nowater decided that he would come one day and take Newgreen when she would be old enough. He knew that the young one had a crush on him and he already enjoyed the idea of joining with her. Her stupid sisters Willowdream and Runningwater would be so angry about it that it was even more a delicious idea. 

Yes, one day, all that belonged to him would be really  to him. He was sure of that and nothing could stop him. He just needed some time, to be patient and clever, as he always was. * You made an enemy for life, wolfrider chief* he thought,  clentching teeth as the image of Snow with Softfeather came back to his mind, and he felt almost the same anger for Buffalohorn. Yes, one day would be HIS day………