Whetstone ( deceased )

Player name : NPC ( was created by Heidi and played by her )

Character name: Whetstone

Previous name :  Bluejay

Cub name:  Sapling

Soul name:  Jinn


Age:  894


Family:  Spike (grandson-alive), Keeneyes (son-missing), Skyflash (mate-deceased)

Lovemate(s): None currently

Lifemate: Skyflash (deceased)

Recognized mate: Skyflash (deceased)

Soul brother : none

Skills/Hobbies: An excellent woodsman and tracker.  Can often find the faintest of trails that others might have passed by.  Is skilled in the treatment of sick or wounded animals.

Weapons/Tools: A large, gnarled oaken staff with a cudgel on the end, a sharp bone dagger for carrying out odd tasks around the forest.

Tribal Duty: Scout, elder

Hunting Party: Yes, at times, though also prefers to hunt on his own.

Magic:  sending and  wolfbonding 


Whetstone is a sharp-minded elf, and he exercised his cunning and intellect often when he served as an advisor to Talltracker in
his tribe. He is a master strategist in both personal and war-time affairs--to the point of being manipulative and meddlesome, or so some say.  However, he doesn't care what others think.  He's gotten this far on his wit and wisdom and he'll see things through *his* way. He adheres to the Way as he sees it, gives his thoughts when he feels necessary (despite whether others want to hear him or not), and doesn't take well to change. Nevertheless, despite the fact that he is outspoken, opinionated, and
likes to have control over a situation, most have to admit that quite a bit of his practical advice is solid, sound and that Whetstone's wisdom reflects the elder's many years.

Likes/Dislikes: Thunderstorms, spending time alone in the woods, his wolf Grizzle and his owl Grey, a good conversation, taking control of a situation, planning war or just plain "scheming," letting others know that the old Way is still the best Way/ The fact that his grandson Spike seems altogether too willing to follow Snow, humans, trolls, or anything else that goes against his inerpretation of the Way or threatens to take away what he feels belongs to his family or his people.

Fears: That the "young ones" will completely ruin everything with their new ways.  That humans will take away what few things that are left that he still holds dear.  He'll fight for those things with his life.

Strong Points:
His age and experience have given him knowledge of the woods, the ways of war, and simple, non-magical treatments of animals. He has an unwavering steadfastness and a drive to finish any task he sets his mind to doing, whether it be for personal gain or the gain of the tribe.


Shoulder-length, straight silver hair streaked with black.

Eyes/color: Steel grey and piercing, slanted with low, thin brows.

Height/build: 5'5", with a slender build.  His appearance might make him seem frail at times, but he's stronger than he looks by far.

Clothes/colr(s): A dusky charcoal tunic and pants belted with dusky blue. Blue wrist guards, charcoal colored boots and waist-length cloak with a hood that is rarely pulled up.

jewelrey/decorations: A necklace made from the teeth of different animals.

Special Items:
Sharp knife made of whalebone that he traded ages ago from elves that lived near the sea.


Whetstone doesn't remember much of his youth, as he prefers to live in the NOW and the earliest parts of his past have become
shrouded in an inpenetrable mist.  He remembers only faintly that he was born to a recognized couple and was called Sapling because of his wiry stature.  From a young age, however, he learned to love the woods and everything in it, even, at times, venturing out for days on his own. Those trips honed his tracking skills until he was one of the best trackers in his holt.  He also taught himself the way of animals, through observation, and learned from other tribesmembers and healers how to set and mend broken bones and wings, and the right mashed roots and herbs to feed sick animals to help them back to health.  He used this knowledge on Grey, his current owl companion, by tending to it when it was young, fell from a great height, and broke its wing.  Whetstone tended to the young owl day and night, and when Grey was healed, the owl refused to leave, becoming one of Whetstone's constant companions.

When Whetstone held the name of Bluejay (for his sharp tongue and wit that could make anyone laugh) he recognized the love of his life, Skyflash, and lived for many years with her and their son Keeneyes, and later, his son's mate, Moonflower, and his grandson, Spike, until humans took Bluejay and his mate by surprise in the forest one day.  Both were tortured and left for dead.  A search party found them both, but it was too late for his beloved Skyflash.  Bluejay was a changed elf after that--bitter--thinking it should have been him, and vowing never to let another into his heart again.  Instead, he honed his skills for his own personal gain, learning to watch the patterns of elf and human alike.  No human or elf would take him by surprise again, neither in war nor in challenge.  It was Talltracker who gave him the name Whetstone, for it was Whetstone's
observations and wisdom that gave elves at war with humans a sharp edge in battle.

His observations proved to be a valuable asset in both raising his rank in Talltracker's Holt and waging war against the Humans he hated so much for killing the love of his life years ago.  Talltracker named Whetstone as an advisor--and was well trusted.  Whetstone was proud of his position and believed he helped Talltracker lead the warring elves in many victories, but he wasn't a fool.  When Talltracker didn't heed his advice against the final attack against the humans, Whetstone very reluctantly left his chief
to fight--and to die--alone.  With a heavy heart, he journeyed with a group of others from the Holt to find a new home, feeling that his high position would still be intact.  However, when they found Spike, Whetstone's grandson (whom Whetstone considers soft and feeble for following Talltracker's Pink-eyed son), Spike told them of Snow's holt and it stirred the longings of the group to return to be among loved ones in a safe home.  Enraged and refusing to follow his grandson, Whetstone refused
to go, instead setting off with Grey and Grizzle to find his own fate and fortune in the woods.

It was there, after a few weeks of being alone, that he found Fernglade, an elfess to whom he could somewhat relate.  She, too, had experienced the loss of a loved one to humans, and it was she who persuaded him to go, as well, to Snow's holt.  What Whetstone expects to find or accomplish there, only the old elf knows, especially after having so adamantly refused to go with Spike before.

He was killed durint the attack of the holt by the painted plainrunners, in Wintersong's arms.

Owl companion: Grey, a dusky-colored great horned owl with intelligent and luminous golden eyes whom Whetstone nursed back to health when young.

Bond Beast : 

Name: Grizzle

Age: 6

Gender: Male

Appearance: A grey wolf with a dusty colored underbelly. One brown eye and one blue eye.  His permanently shaggy coat, torn right ear, and somewhat dissheveled appearance make it seem as though his hackles are always raised.

Personality:  A large aggressive wolf, some say too much like his bond-friend.  Grizzle doesn't tolerate strange wolves or elves at all, and is quick to challenge or to defend his bond to the death.