Player name : Laura

Character name: Willowdream

Previous name : Willowdream

Cub name:  BirdEye

Soul name:  shey


Age:  144

as to her nice manner- she can be friends with anyone

Newgreen and RunningWater (sisters -alive); the chief's family adopted the three of them as their own parents died

Soulsister : Shareheart

Lovemate(s): Nobody 

Lifemate: none

Recognized mate: none 

Skills/Hobbies: shaping plants; making good tea; observe different patterns and streaks in plants, playing with squirrels.

Weapons/Tools: Knife, Shortbow

Tribal Duty: Plant-Shaper, Herbalist, Gatherer and Guard

Hunting Party: sometimes, yes

Magic:  Plant-Shaping, Magic Feeling and Sending,


confident, enduring, lovable, intelligent, friendly, devoted, curious, calm, gentle

Likes/Dislikes: her two sisters; squirrels; silence; feeling the morning dew on her feet; watching plants; warm furs and tea in the winters / killing and if somebody needlessly 'hurts' plants

Fears: Thunderstorms; Wild Beasts

Strong Points:  she's very confident; calm-hearted; very enduring; she doesn't speak out loud too often but if she does.. u'd better listen;)


Hair/color: long, black hair that is slightly wavy and pretty thick; she wears two long feathers woven into a small braid on the back

Eyes/color: her eyes look something like a peacock feather; very deep and beautiful; quite long lashes

Height/build: not too small and not too tall either; athletic -not too muscular; well-rounded

Clothes/colr(s): tan and lightblue; she wears a skirt, halter and sandals in summer, a dress and boots in spring and autumn and some kind of jumpsuit in winter with lots of fur on it.

jewelrey/decorations: her two long feathers and some wristbands; several snow-rabbit tails (in winter); as to her powers she now sometimes wears some flowers or ranks in her hair.

Special Items: the two feathers (from her first hunt); a small pouch of herbs and seeds; her knife.


Not too many special things happened in her life till now. Besides her finally gaining her long awaited plant-shaping power. And the sad death of her parents!! Till then she has become a kind of guardian/stepmother for her two little sisters. She cares for them alot! But
RunningWater one time got in a hot conflict with her about giving them some freedom, too. That changed things a bit. And now, Willowdream is there for them when they need her -but doesn't keep them too close. She worries not so much since then cause she knows that parentless cubs become adopted by the tribe's chief himself and that now she's not alone caring for the twins!

Bond Beast ( squirrel )

Name: Littlefoot

Age:  7

Gender: female

Appearance:  we all know squirrels, she looks just plain sweet!

Fur/Color: All of her long body is covered with brown fur which turns to red-brown in times and sometimes to lighter brown. Except for her tummy which is covered with white fur that reaches up to her fluffy tail. And there are two 'lashes' of white hair coming out of her ears;)

Eyes/Color: little eyes, deep black

Height/Build: Litllefoot is yet small for she's very young. She easily fits into Willowdreams closed hands.

Personality: Littlefoot is still young, very curious and a little shy when it comes to elves. She's very close to Willowdream but doesn't like to be touched by any other elf. Sometimes Littlefoot makes the exception for Newgreen, Willodreams gentle little sister.