Player name : Marjut

Character name: Wind

Previous name : Wind

Cub name: Wind

Soul name: Elea


Age: 19

  Tishil, Shareheart, Foxtear, Spike

Family:   Reed ( cousin-alive)

Lovemate(s): none yet
Lifemate: none yet

Recognized mate: none 

hunting with the pack/ playing with the wolves

Weapons/Tools:  spear

Tribal Duty: youth, huntress in training

Hunting Party: sometimes

Magic: sending (not very strong) and wolf bonding (stronger due to her hunt


Very shy, but friendly. She feels easy with wolves, but meeting new elves is sometimes difficult to her. She doesn't like to draw attention to herself.

Likes/Dislikes: Greyfur (her wolf friend), all wolves, other elves, living in the pack, eating, sleaping/ being alone

Fears: humans, war

Strong Points: hunt blood (more wolf blood), looks little wolfish 


Hair/color: hair chancing due seasons. (like wolves. winter: thick and lighter colored, summer: little thiner and darker than winter.)

Eyes/color: yellow/orange eyes

 a bit smaller than average wolfriders

different shades of brown leather with white fur decorations.

jewelrey/decorations:  none

Special Items:  none


Winds father, Woodstorm was half-brother of Darkbow. Beeing younger than him, Woodstorm didn`t actually care lot of his brothers family before he reconized Treesong, and livemated with her. After that he get lot better along with everyone..
Treesong had little _very little_ treeshaping magic, and she hoped her cub would be great magic user. When cub turned out to be wolf throwback, she was really dissapointed, but loved still her cub. Woodstorm was happy with Wind, who learned easily how to use spear and how to hunt with the pack.
8 turns later, Woodstorm and Treesong got a new cub, Stareyes. Stareyes was a happy cub, cute and allways sunny mood. She seemed to fullfill all Treesongs waitings, who allmost forgot she got another cub too. Woodstorm loved equals his both daughters. Wind loved much her little sister, but also was jealous to her about their mothers attention.
On her childhood (cubhood?) Wind hunted lot with her father and used to follow Reed around. When her mother concentrated Stareyes, Wind usually went to Reed with her questions and sorrows. Wind growed up keeping Reed kind of big sister, admiring her, and doing after everything she did.
When humans attacked the Holt, Stareyes gets hurted and couldn`t run to the save. Woodstom tried to protect her but humans were too many. Both died. Treesong felt that all what she has lived for has gone; mad about sadness and anger, she telled Wind to be with Reed, and went alone to revenge the dead of her family. No one has seen her after that.
Wind tried to go to Reed, but couldn`t find her anywhere. Then humans attack second time, tribe splits up, and when all that mess begins, Wind got terrified, ran in the forest and hide. She was hidding few days before she has the courage to go back the holt. And, well, then she lived there with other survivors. 

Until Spike found them and brought them to the holt. Since then, Wind has tried to learn how to live with others and make new friends. Lately, she was happily reunited with her cousin Reed, who she thought was killed in the war.

Bond Beast

Name: Greyfur

Age:  15

Gender: male

big, grey wolf with yellow eyes.

quiet and likes to be on his own peace. Before they arrive to the holt, he was rarely seen without Wind.  Now he sometimes explores on his own, but he never goes out of Wind's sending range.