Player name : Alec

Character name: Wintersong

Previous name :  FrostBlade

Cub name:  Frosteye

Soul name:  Zahl


Age:  139


Family:  Suncheek( half sister-alive), mother(*open*), father(*open*)

Lovemate(s): his last mate recognized another elf and they split up

Lifemate: none

Recognized mate: none yet 

Skills/Hobbies: Foretelling the Weather, Hunting silently (likes it even better during winter-times), Listening to his Sister,  Star-Gazing, Observing others.

Weapons/Tools: sword and bow

Tribal Duty: 'Weather-Teller', guard, scout, warrior and hunter

Hunting Party: yes

Magic:  Weather-Sense, Sending, Wolf-Bonding, Magic Feeling
bold, calm, responsible, clinging, romantic, silent.

Likes/Dislikes: watching the skies, stargazing, the cold season,  listening to his sister /hates Trolls (they killed his father), hot summers

Fears: Trolls could kill somebody else he loves, Recognition!!

Strong Points:  headstrong and loyal, calm and patient, his handsome voice.


Hair/color: short black hair.

frosty blue, slanted eyes

Height/build:  very athletic, not too strong, handsome

SCARS:    Yes. Winterfrost was nearly killed by a longtooth once.  Since then he bears four scars. One on his neck, two on his head and one  on his ear (which also got a bit 'ripped'). They are all on the right side.

Clothes/colr(s): He dresses mainly in blacks and blues.

jewelrey/decorations: He wears a necklace from his dead father and an earpiece he  found near a river once (a little metal-dolphin, but since he never saw one in 'natura' he has no clue as what kind of  animal it could be, probably thinks ít to be a salmon..), a belt, an armring.

Special Items:
His father's necklace, He changes the place of his earpiece according  to his mood (near edge or more to the middle of his right external ear)


Frosteye(Wintersong) was born during a very cold winter. He received his name 'Frosteye' because of his eyes that seemed to resemble the much cold season all too well. Frosteye was a very silent child. At young age he didn't want to play alot with other
children - instead he liked to watch over them to make sure everybody was allright. He earned his new name 'Frostblade' at an age of 36 when he protected a cub. It was cold season again and something was happening to the holt. There had been some strange accurances that nobody could really explain. It was the time of a troll-war.. and it was coming to the surface! The trolls fought in the open and the tribe got caught between the war parties. Frost-eye watched in horror as his father was slain by a troll warrior and he lingered over the dead body for a while. He was afraid and cried out to his mother when he suddenly heard a cubblings sobbing near by. A troll had picked up a little Wolfrider-girl and started grinning to the frightened cub. He put her back to the ground but left no doubt in his intention to kill the she-cub. Frosteye acted very fast and took his father's sword. He jumped at the troll's back and continued to strike his weapon into the flesh even after his enemy had fallen to the ground.
It was a very dark day for the elves. And as nightfall came across the bloody fields one troll party had won. They chased the remaining elves away from their former home and the tribe was splintered. Frosteye was renamed for his bravery in the horrible process - to 'Frostblade'. The young elfess he had saved stayed with him and his mother for her parents had been slaughtered, too . Had the youth been known for silence so far - now he was dead calm! He did not speak a single word after the incident. And the only person who could get closer to him was the she-cub he had saved.
The small 'family' started to wander the great plains from there on. Had the Wolfriders been few in number till then, there were even fewer now. They were a band of seven wanderers and this winter was very hard. 
As spring dawned on the land the small band of elves met a new tribe of wandering nomads: the Plainsrunners. They were a pretty big tribe of elves that had split up to wander the world in small bands. Frostblade's mother recognized one of these Plainsrunners. Something he never forgave her for her lifemate died such a short time ago. He pretty much kept to himself after that - even Newleaf ( the she-cub) couldn't get very close to him. That changed only when his sister was born out of this recognition. After a short while he came to love that little cub very, very much. At last, his soul's winter seemed to be over.
His mood warmed up and his voice and laughter could often be heard. He was open for his surroundings again thougt he still disliked his mother *name open* and her new lifemate *name open* for their recognition that seemed to betray his dead sire.
During this time he beacme lovemate with Newleaf who grew up to be a beautiful young elfess. All was well and Frostblade showed some new sides of him. He was caring, responsible and very proud of his little sister, Skycall.
After 20 years something happened to Frostblade's newfound peace. It was during a Spring Celebration where the Plainsrunner's scattered tribes met each year to trade and see if there were any recognitions.
This year there was one.. Newleaf, Frostblade's lovemate so far recognized with another elf , named Crow.
Frostblade couldn't bear it! His beautiful lovemate bearing another's child!! 'Another' who didn't want to 'share' his new family.

Frostblade shut himself off to the world once more. He not even wished his love Good-Bye when the bands parted again.
And he remained quiet since that day. His bitterness and fear of recognition kept him a loner pretty much. As his sister grew older, she put herself to the single goal : to 'get him back to life' . Step by step his sister's sunny mood caught up to him and they grew even closer.

One day in a harsh winter, Frostblade was gone for many days. He didn't return any sendings and his family already thought him dead. But he returned after some days with a great gift. He had wandered deep into the woods - stirred by strange feelings that kept calling and whispering to him. When he fully accepted the call and dove into his own soul, he did not only discover his soulname. He also discovered a sense deep inside his very being that could tell the weather.
His sister, named now Suncheek, was so happy that he wasn't dead that she made him promise to never again leave her alone that long. His newfound talents were of use for the tribe, of course, and he wasn't such a loner anymore. Couldn't be - the tribe suddenly needed him in more than one way.
He gave Suncheek his father's blade for he felt that now he had nothing to do with the cold warrior he was once. He was called 'Wintersong' from there on.
3 years ago -during the white cold season, of course ;)- he found his first wolfbond, 'Strongheart'. The wolfcub had broken into a frozen river and Wintersong saved him from freezing to death in the cold water.

Bond Beast 

Name: Strongheart

Age: unknown

Gender: male


Alpha male of the pack.