Player name : NPC

Character name: YellowElk

Previous name :  Yellowelk

Cub name:  River

Soul name:  Neir


Age:  204

Otter, BearTooth, SpiritDancing, and especially NoWater

unknown (As he tells everyone they died)

Lovemate(s): many

Lifemate: Stormwave

Recognized mate: Stormwave 

Tracker / collecting seeds of various sorts

Weapons/Tools: spear /dagger

Tribal Duty: tracker, hunter and gardener

Hunting Party: yes

Magic:  sending and plantshaping (just able to make seeds sprout to young plants)

YellowElk is a fine elf from a low ranking family of plainsrunners. He knows he can be better and claims his family is dead as he left them to run with NoWater. Follows NoWater everywhere and hopes to gain a higher status with his gifts and abilities. Loyal follower of NoWater.

Likes/Dislikes: challenges that make him stronger / his family

Fears: NoWater tiring of thier friendship

Strong Points:  Excellent eyesight and tracker


Hair/color: hip length , long bangs pulled to his sides, headband / deep black

narrow / deep brown

Height/build:  4'1" / slim

Clothes/colr(s): loincloth, ankle boots / multi colored, brown

jewelrey/decorations:  lots, brightly colored and adorened everywhere.

Special Items: none


YellowElk got his name from taking down a large bull elf single handedly on his adulthood quest, proving he was an adult. He never speaks of his family and swears they are dead as he was messing around and got a prairie fire started, sweeping through their lodges. He is NoWater's loyal companion and usually sides with him in all matters and schemes..

He recently recognized the wolfrider Stormwave, and nor one or the other was prepared for this. Yellowelk is shocked a lot and doesn't know yet how all of this would evolve...But he knows he now have to have her as his mate, and he'll do what he can to that to becoming reality.

He still can't really realize that she suddenly accepted to become his lifemate, and he'll gather the gifts needed to honor her and her family, and to finaly have her as her true lifemate.

Bond Beast 

Name: Blaze

Age: unknown

Gender: male

Appearance: Redding colored no hump with a whote blaze on nose

wild and full of desire has a tendency to buck and huff