Blackstone was the son of Stonetooth and Blackfang, and the half brother of Lonewolf.  A day, he decided to travel with Cyan Vixen and Bluewater. And when Bluewater was missed, Blackstone followed with Cyan Vixen. They were lovemates, and when they Recognized it was a wonderful gift of the High Ones. Meanwhile they followed wandering, and during this they met a hurt troll
female, RiverHeart. She followed them, and helped Cyan Vixen giving birth to her cubs. Blackstone was happy with his family and both the lifemates raised Moth and Fastwolf. He found himself recognizing again Cyan Vixen, and after the birth of their cub, they stopped near a human camp. Blackstone was nervoud, wanted both to leave and to attack, so Cyan Vixen went with her cubs to spy them. While they were waiting for news from Cyan Vixen, Blackstone and RiverHeart were attacked by humans. Blackstone said to the troll to go away and fought as a kamikaze against the humans. He gave his life with his wolf-friend. His corpse was the
first found by Cyan Vixen. He had short silver hair and bright cyan eyes.