Beloved Deceased Ones


Here is the page for our beloved deceased packmates and friends. Come and howl for them with us....  


AutumnBerry NEW

-Huntress, scout and storyteller
-Lovemate of Darkeyes
-Soulname : Shlee
-Killed by Riverdance, a plainrunner
-Age when she died : 140
-Wolf-friend : Windslate


-Son of Stonetooth and Blackfang, half-brother of Lonewolf, lifemate of Moonstorm and father of Moth , Fastwolf and Treelook.
-Soul name: Tyrek

-Age when he died: unknown.
-Killed by humans in a surprise attack.
-Wolf-friend: Sadhowl.

BuffaloHorn NEW

-Lifemate of Blackbird , father of Softfeather, grand-father of Flameshy and Strongsprout
-Chief of the plainrunners and shaman
-Soulname : Zilh
-Killed by Stonecalf, a traitor plainrunner
-Age when he died : 800


-Reed's mother
-soulname : Sarr
-age when died: 650
-killed by humans in the destruction of the Holt
-wolf friend: Sunkisser


-Searock's lovemate
-soulname : unknown
-age when she died : unknown
-killed by a human


-Sunflower's father
-soulname: Jaxz
-age when he died: around 423
-Killed by a troll while he wanted to venge his wolf's death.
-Wolfbond: Treejump ( killed by a troll)


-Winterleaf's lifemate and Lilspirit's ( now Brightmoon ) father
-soulname : Yuir
-age when he died : 450
-killed by a troll
-wolffriend : Goldrunner ( killed by a troll too)


-Breeze's lovemate and Reed's best friend and furmate
-Soulname: Lehl
-age when he died: 380
-killed by a human's spear in the war
-Wolf bond: Coldpaw (still alive)

HiddenEye NEW

-lovemate of Silence and Tishil and maybe Arrowmoss's father
-Soulname : Myhre
-Age when he died :
-Killed by a warrior plainrunner that Hiddeneye killed too
-Wolfbond : RabidEye ( deceased )


-Last chief of the tribe, Talltracker's brother and Snow's uncle
-soulname : unknown
-age when he died : unknown
-Killed because of his battle's wounds with his brother for chieftainship
-wolffriend : unknown


-Spike's first lovemate
-soulname : Tryea
-age when she died : around 250
-killed by a bear
-wolffriend : Shadowmoss ( deceased of old age )

Softfeather NEW

-Daughter of BuffaloHorn and BlackBird
-Was lifemated shortly to Nowater, recognized  Snow and is his lifemate now, mother of Flameshy and Strongsprout.
-Tanner and singer
-Soulname : Keera
-Killed by Nowater when he tried to kidnap her
-Age when she died : 198


-Sweetflute and HiddenEye's lovemate
-soulname: Auir
-age when he died : 60
-killed by trolls in the last battle to kill Ironbelly
-wolffriend : Cloudkicker


-Sunflower's mother
-Soulname : Klew
-Age when she died : unknown
-Killed during a hunt
-Wolfbond : GrayHowl ( alive but wild, leaving with another pack )


son of Moonstorm and Blackstone, brother of Moth and Fastwolf , nephew of Bluewater and Lonewolf
Soul name : Zey
- Age when he died : less than a month 
- Murdered by humans 
- Wolf-friend : none 

Whetstone  NEW

-Scout and elder
-Grand-father of Spike
-Soulname : Jinn
-Age when he died : 894
-Killed by a plainrunner named Beartooth
-Wolf-friend : Grizzle ( missing )


-Goldspirit's lifemate and Lilspirit's mother
-soulname : Vreell
-age when she died :  520
-deceased when she gaves birth to her son
-wolffriend : Preyfinder ( still alive )


-Kreylar's lifemate and Madhowl's mother
-soulname : Yuna
-age when she died : 840
-killed in the troll's caverns
-wolffriend : Frog ( deceased, killed by trolls )


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