Greenleaf was the son of Birdnest and Swiftwater. He was lovemated to Breeze and was a very good friend od Reed's. Breeze and Greenleaf sometimes "shared" with Reed.

When the humans attacked their tribe, Greenleaf had a premonition about the battle and asked his lovemate not to go. Refusing to listen to him, Breeze went into battle and he followed. He was killed by a human and Breeze stayed with him all night, until she left with Quickthrust tot he new holt.

Greenleaf was caring and loving, never giving up on a friendship. He had black hair that was long and held in a low wolf-tail. His eyes were "as light a gray as the mist that rolled in during the season of the red-leaves" and his chisled features gave him a rougish look. He was Breeze's first and only lovemate.