Wolfwhisper was a female wolfrider captured by trolls. They killed her wolf Frog and brought her into their caverns to make her their slave. There, she met Kreylar and they recognized. Their son Madhowl was born into the caverns and that wasn't at all the kind of life that Wolfwhisper had expected for her cub.

One day, she tried to escape with Kreyalr and Madhowl, they wanted to offer a better life for their son. But the trolls caught them and for revenge, they killed Wolfwhisper in front of her lifemate and her young cub. She was the only one without any magic, so, the less usefull for them.

Devastated, Kreylar had to accept to obey them to protect his son, that the trolls threatened to kill if the old elf would dare to try to escape again.

Kreylar and Madhowl would never forget her and still feel her in their heart, as the ache and emptiness that her death brought to them.