Gold Spirit



Goldspirit, named YellowCub when he was a child,  was the lifemate of Winterleaf and the proud father of Lilspirit. When Winterleaf died in childbirth, Goldspirit was really sad but he had to go on for his newborn cub. The tribe helped him to raise Lilspirit and life went on. But he  was still saddened by the loss of his lifemate and had  to seek for a lovemate, but except sharing furs with some packmates from time to time, he never felt in love again.  Goldspirit basically spent most of his time raising his son and doing his tribal duties.

Goldspirit was the rockshaper of the tribe and he was the one who made their new dens into the caves. He was a hunter too and was really protective over his son.

But at the age of 450, the tribe was attacked by the trolls and Goldspirit was killed in front of his son, who was traumatised. The tribe tries to help the cub to overcome his pain, and maybe he'll find a new family with the newcomers Fernglade, Mistwalker and Sunrise.

Goldrunner, who was Goldspirit's wolf friend, died during the battle too.