Fog was the daughter of two wanderers: her father, Treewater, a hunter, died of an unknown reason, as her mother told her he has been killed. Fog's  mother, Breathingwind, died of illness when Fog was around 7 years old.  She has been raised by Breathingwind's sister, Shy Elke, who drown when she was aroud 81 years old. She had a wolf-friend, Quickfang, who drowned too trying to save her aunt Shy Elke, but she also has special feeling for bears and foxes.

Fog was Searock's lovemate. She was a sweet and understanding elfess, and a gifted healer. After a fight with some humans, she listened to her heart and healed a wounded human. She managed to save his life, but her only thanks was a blade on her chest. She died and Searock thought he would become mad of sadness.

Searock and Fog, during the good times
Searock thinks of his beloved Fog.


Fog's death